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Humorous and heartfelt, The Adventures of Mr. Schnoozle is a delightful reminder that, no matter what our age, magical things happen when we step outside our comfort zone. As the world becomes increasingly fractured, this novel shows the power of friendship; that we are better together because of, and not in spite of, our differences.

Managing editor of The Northsider, and freelance journalist based in Melbourne, AU.

A delightful series of stories that are reminiscent of the Raggedy Ann and Andy books, The Adventures of Mr. Schnoozle is enjoyable for readers of all ages. My school-age daughter and I both liked following the fantastical adventures of the little green creature who had a lot to learn. Gretchen Lindemann did a beautiful job of picking up where her late father left off in writing these stories, and now the next generation of children can enjoy them. This book is a charming read.

Writer, Collaborative Editor, and Social Media Manager at Indigo Editing

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MAR 2019


For all the Aussies out there - The Adventures of Mr. Schnoozle is now available to Australians. Just click here to order your copy.

FEB 2019


That's right - if you are in Melbourne, Australia, you can find The Adventures of Mr. Schnoozle at Brunswick Bound on Sydney Road, and Readings Kids on Lygon Street.



I am a writer. I am also a daughter, a sister, a niece, a partner, a nurse, a dancer, a hugger, a traveler, adventurer, and a lover of cozy tea shops and used books (particularly the way they smell.) Each of these things influences the other and all of them influence my writing.


I have written, celebrated, and thirsted after stories as long as I can remember. Stories, to me, are what make this world go 'round. Stories are what make us human. From oral tradition to feature films, we have woven one tale after another over the centuries in order to teach, to entertain, and to evoke emotion.


My goal – my passion – is to continue this tradition of story telling. Particularly by writing children’s books. Since our future belongs to the children of today, who better to write stories for than the young among us? Beyond the sheer joy of wordsmithing and story-telling, I have been inspired to write by the writings of my father. When he departed from this world, he left behind a legacy of love and creativity. It is this legacy that I am carrying on, one word at a time.



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