The Adventures of Mr. Schnoozle

Started in 1989 by Michael, and finished by Gretchen in 2016, The Adventures of Mr. Schnoozle has become a delightful tale in the Lindemann legacy repertoire.


Mr. Schnoozle, a little green creature in the magical land of Willowbrook, loves quiet days full of pansy snacks and nice long naps. One morning, Mr. Schnoozle’s quiet life is interrupted by a sorrowful wail coming from a place he has never dared to go — the Bamboo Forest. Humming a little louder than usual, Mr. Schnoozle tries to ignore the sound of the sad creature. But if there is anything a Schnoozle cannot tolerate, it is the sound of a broken heart. With that thought, Mr. Schnoozle makes up his mind. He swallows a final shiver of fear and sets out on the first of many adventures, where he learns an awful lot about loyalty, friendship, and finding courage in the most unlikely of places — namely, himself. 


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